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What ever your specialty, skill, or desire you can make a tremendous difference in some community’s brain health.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us and join our efforts to synergize and empower your and other communities.

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Every contribution goes towards making Healthy Minds Initiative an even better Humanitarian Organization than it already is..

Our mission is better brain health through:


We hope to bring all the community partners together and align them towards a common vision of a better brain health.


A successful brain health plan can be implemented only when the community is involved in every phase of the planning, especially the research and the what that data means to them.


Each community is unique, and our job is to understand its unique context, strengths and resources. With the help of community members,

 Meet our team 

Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai are neurologists who lost their grandparents to Alzheimer’s disease, and have dedicated their lives to healthcare and research on ways to prevent this devastating disease, and how to empower communities get a

better understanding of how much influence they have over their brain health. They are dedicated to empowering communities achieve their optimal brain health.